How We Attract Job-Seekers to Catholic Gigs

An image of a job-seeker, Catholic Gigs

Here at Catholic Gigs, one of the most common questions that we are asked by employers is: “How do you attract job-seekers to view our job postings on Catholic Gigs?” The answer is that we have several tried-and-true methods that we utilize, and additionally, we’re always innovating and experimenting with new techniques to ensure employers…

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History Maryland’s Catholic heritage can be traced back to the colonial era. Over the centuries, Maryland has stacked numerous claims to singular Catholic milestones for the New World. As with most of North America, the early Church in Maryland was entrusted to the Jesuits and the Franciscans.  The colonial years in Maryland were marked by…

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A picture of a Catholic California mission surrounded by palm trees and a blue sky backdrop.

History California’s history is rooted in Catholicism. Notably, the land was discovered by Spaniards in the 16th century. Subsequently, the Jesuits and then the Franciscans were entrusted with establishing missions and stability in California. The celebrated St. Junipero Serra founded the first mission in San Diego on July 16th, 1769. The mission’s full title is…

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History Catholicism in Oklahoma grew slowly. Three hundred years passed  before it was officially established by Benedictine missionaries in 1875. And it was until 1905 when the original diocese was established in Oklahoma. The slow and steady development of the Church in Oklahoma eventually bore great fruit. Many saintly figures have passed through, such as…

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