How We Attract Job-Seekers to Catholic Gigs

Here at Catholic Gigs, one of the most common questions that we are asked by employers is: “How do you attract job-seekers to view our job postings on Catholic Gigs?” The answer is that we have several tried-and-true methods that we utilize, and additionally, we’re always innovating and experimenting with new techniques to ensure employers find the best candidates for each job posting. 

Here is a brief list and overview of some of our best practices:

  1. Original Content
  2. Employer Profiles
  3. Catholic Advertising
  4. Network of Catholic Universities
  5. Social-Media Marketing
  6. Distribution through Google Jobs

1. Original Content – Designed to Attract Job-Seekers to Catholic Gigs

We have a dedicated team of content creators focused on bringing job seekers to Catholic Gigs. Our blog posts and videos are designed to provide valuable information that attracts Catholic job-seekers to Catholic Gigs. In order to help match each individual with the right role at the right organization, we provide several filters to allow job-seekers to search and browse openings.

2. Employer Profiles

We designed Catholic Gigs to be focused on content-rich “Employer Profiles”. Through written word, images, and videos, these profiles paint an insightful picture of each organization, their mission, and what it’s like to work for them. This content helps job-seekers to quickly identify the organizations and roles that are the best fit for them.

3. Catholic Advertising – Targeted to Attract Job-Seekers to Catholic Gigs

In order to drive more visitors to Catholic Gigs to view job postings, we run ads throughout a network of some of the largest online Catholic publications. Additionally, we place ads on the largest search engines, such as Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

4. Network of Catholic Universities

Our relationships with Catholic colleges and universities are growing quickly. Through these partnerships, we aim to help recent graduates discover work opportunities with Catholic organizations. University Career Centers encourage upcoming graduates to create profiles on Catholic Gigs, and employers can filter potential job-seekers by which university they attended and what they studied. (If you work at a Catholic College or University and are interested in partnering with Catholic Gigs, visit this page).

5. Social-Media Marketing

We share job/gig postings on our social media channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

6. Syndication through Google Jobs

When you post a job or gig on Catholic Gigs, it will also be distributed through Google Jobs for maximum exposure. You do not need to pay for a separate job posting on Google Jobs; the distribution happens automatically when you add a new posting.

Conclusion – How We Attract Job-Seekers to Catholic Gigs

When you use Catholic Gigs, you can rest assured that you have an entire team dedicated to finding the best job-seekers for your open positions.


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