Catholic Gigs Louisiana

Are you looking for meaningful work in Louisiana? We want to fan that flame. Louisiana has an incredible history, and there are quite a few notable Catholic institutions you should keep on your radar. Read on for a sample of Louisiana’s Catholic Gig possibilities. 


The first Catholics arrived in Louisiana in the early 18th century with the French settlers who came to the region. However, it wasn’t until the arrival of Spanish missionaries in the late 1700s that Catholicism began to take hold in the state. The original diocese of Louisiana was the archdiocese of New Orleans. The region was a joint effort between the King of Spain and the Pope. 

One of the most notable Catholic institutions in Louisiana is the Basilica of St. Louis, King of France in New Orleans. Built in 1789, it is the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the United States and is a National Historic Landmark. It is also the seat of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

Catholicism in Louisiana is also supported by numerous parishes, schools, and social service organizations. Catholic schools in Louisiana have a strong tradition of providing quality education, with many schools offering a rigorous academic curriculum as well as a focus on service and social justice.

Catholicism Today

Today, Catholicism is one of the largest religious denominations in Louisiana, with 26% of the population identifying as Catholic. The Catholic Church in Louisiana is broken into two dioceses: New Orleans, founded in 1793, and Baton Rouge, founded in 1961.

In addition to its religious institutions, Catholicism in Louisiana is also shaped by the state’s unique cultural traditions. For example, many Catholic parishes in Louisiana celebrate Mardi Gras, a traditional Carnival celebration that includes parades, music, and food.


Overall, Catholicism in Louisiana is a vibrant and integral part of the state’s history and culture. It continues to be a source of spiritual guidance and community for its members, as well as a positive influence on the broader society.

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