3 Critical Steps to Enhance Your Employer Profile

In an increasingly competitive hiring market, making a strong impression in just a few seconds with your employer profile is crucial. That’s why we’ve designed our Catholic Gigs employer profiles with the utmost care and attention to detail, putting the critical information front and center.


As a Catholic platform, we recognize the importance of aligning culture, values, and mission. Our extensive research has helped us identify the key features that drive engagement and help you stand out.


Cultivate these three features to enhance your Catholic Gigs Employer Profile:

  1. Showcase your unique brand by adding your logos and choosing high-quality images representing your core values and offerings. This is your chance to bring your organization to life and make a lasting impression on potential candidates.
  2. Share your authentic story by highlighting your work culture, mission, benefits, and growth opportunities. Well-crafted copy that speaks to your values and mission will attract the right people to your organization.
  3. Use video content to showcase your authentic self and dynamically engage with potential candidates. A video is a powerful tool for attracting attention and standing out.


By incorporating all three of these elements, you can provide a strong and authentic representation of your organization. 


We’ve designed our profile builder to be intuitive and user-friendly, so you can invest just a few minutes to create an impactful profile.


Here’s how to quickly add content to your employer profile:

You’ll need the following:

  • A full-sized logo file
  • A small square icon file
  • 3-5 photos of your organization
  • A general “About Us” or similar video of your organization (optional)


  1. From your account dashboard, click “Organization Profiles” on the left. This will show you a list of the employer profiles that you manage.
  2. In the “Actions” column, select the edit icon for the profile you would like to edit. (If you haven’t created a profile for your organization yet, or if you’d like to create a new one, select “Add New”.)
  3. On the next page, next to “Full Logo”, select “+ Add Media” to upload your full-sized logo file. This logo will appear only on your employer profile.
  4. Next to “Logo Icon”, select “+ Add Media” to upload your square icon file. This icon will appear next to every job you post and helps job seekers more easily identify jobs posted by your organization.
  5. Select “+ Add Media” a third time to upload a cover photo. This photo will appear behind your company’s name on your employer profile.
  6. Moving down the page, check to ensure your organization type, categories, founding year, headquarters, company size, and website are filled out correctly.
  7. In the “About Company” section, write a few short paragraphs about your company story, culture, and mission, as recommended above. Select “Add Media” to add your photos or videos to this section. We recommend adding spaces between paragraphs and text in this section to improve readability.
  8. In the “Gallery” section, select “+ Add Media” to add up to four additional photos, which will appear as thumbnails at the top of your employer profile.
  9. Click “Submit” to publish your updated profile.


Join us in our mission to connect job-seekers with their ideal employers and build a thriving faith-based community. With CatholicGigs.com, you’ll find the right fit for you and your organization.


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