5 Websites to Find Catholic Stock Photos

Stock photos are a blessing to creatives everywhere. Adding stock photos to your articles, emails, or any other digital marketing materials adds aesthetic appeal and credibility to your work while making it more digestible to the average reader. 

But if your creative work has a Catholic focus, your images must go beyond the secular stock photo realm. After all, your work is meant to cater to and attract a Catholic audience. It doesn’t take a theologian to tell the difference between a Catholic and a non-denominational church. 

Luckily, if you’re in the market for Catholic stock photos, you’re got options. Whether you’re looking for religious painting pics, Cathedral shots, or anything in between, the team at Catholic Gigs can point you in the right direction. Here are our top 5 websites for finding Catholic Stock photos. 

1. Cathopic 

Trusted by 54,000 Catholics and counting, Cathopic is a great first resource for finding Catholic stock images. Their mission? To feature the work of creatives who appreciate the beauty of Catholicism and make these images available to the public. They fully believe that digital beauty is a key component of evangelization, and prompt serving Christ through creativity. 

Cathopic is currently in the Beta phase of its newest launch. To get unlimited access to all of its resources, including graphic design templates, illustrations, exclusive content, and unlimited video and photo downloads, sign up for Cathopic Pro today. 

2. Catholic Stock 

Catholic Stock is a resource dedicated to the homage and revival of the Church’s artistic heritage. Their carefully curated stock videos and images make the perfect addition to inspirational spiritual content, beautiful B-roll footage for recorded homilies, and great backgrounds for Catholic Social Media posts. 

3. Catholic Art & Content with WeCreate 

WeCreate is a God send for both experienced and fresh designers alike. This site offers vibrant templates, stock photos, and more for all kinds of liturgical and canonical communications. And with its low annual payment, it’s sure to save your company thousands of dollars and countless hours.

4. One Secret Mission 

Perhaps you need to download some free Catholic Stock photos. Perhaps you’re looking to outsource photography, graphic design, or branding work to talented freelancers. Either way, One Secret Mission’s got you covered. This creative studio is on a mission to lead others to Jesus through the power of visual beauty, just like you are. 

5. ECatholic

Last but not least, If you’re looking for a one-stop, integrated platform for website building, logo design, live streaming, and stock photos, ECatholic is the place for you. ECatholic also offers services like logo designing and branding, with free website themes available to those who need them. The site offers a free 30-day trial, with no strings attached (meaning no credit cards). 


Working as a Catholic creative may feel a little “black sheepy” at times. But we at Catholic Gigs make it our mission to ensure that people like you have the information and opportunities they need to succeed creatively, professionally, and spiritually. Now- don’t hide that light under a bushel!

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