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Welcome to our Ministry Employment Resource Page, a dedicated space to connect ministry organizations and individuals seeking to serve within the Catholic community. 

This space offers essential resources for ministries to help you find dedicated professionals who share your passion for faith-based service. Job-seekers, on the other hand, can explore a wealth of opportunities to contribute their skills and spirituality to meaningful vocations. Whether you’re a ministry seeking to fulfill your mission or an individual drawn to serving others through your faith, the Ministry Employment Resource Page provides a unique space to connect, inspire, and create a lasting impact. Join us in building a stronger foundation for spiritual growth and community outreach within the Catholic Church.

Ministry Industry Statistics

There are many different ways for Catholics to serve their parishes and communities. Many parishes rely on the volunteer work of lay altar servers and sacristans, lectors and ushers, liturgical ministers and other volunteers. Some laypeople are called to serve by teaching classes for catechism and RCIA, and on other faith-based topics. Others work with youth groups, school campus ministries, or organizations like FOCUS, encouraging and fostering Catholic life in an educational setting. In our technological age, we are also seeing the development of numerous television programs, podcasts, and apps that teach and support the Catholic faith. Nationwide, there are countless Catholic organizations that serve the poor, hungry, and homeless in our communities. We are all called to serve one another to the best of our God-given abilities, and these are just a few examples of the ways that we can participate in ministering to our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

According to the USCCB, there are 194 dioceses in the United States, as well as the Archdiocese for the Military Services USA (which encompasses Catholic priests serving as military chaplains to military service members and their families), and the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter (which serves former Anglican groups in the US who have become fully Catholic but retain some elements of their Anglican history).* As of 2014, the USCCB reports that the total number of Catholic parishes in the US is 17,755.** Catholic Gigs surveyed employees of Catholic parishes and dioceses across the US to understand their hiring needs and practices, to better serve both employers and job candidates looking to enter into the field of ministry.

Job openings at Catholic churches and dioceses will naturally attract faith-filled applicants who want to work in a religious environment, and many organizations present these opportunities clearly to job seekers: nearly three-quarters (71.4%) said it is extremely clear to job applicants that their organization is Catholic. All respondents say they use their own website, job search engines, and referrals to advertise job openings. Many (83.3%) said they also use social media to reach and attract qualified job applicants for their ministry positions. Most parishes publish a weekly bulletin, which can also be an excellent place to advertise and search for ministry jobs.

All employers surveyed said they would be hiring for teaching positions within the next 12-24 months, providing a meaningful blending of faith ministry through education. Half (50.0%) are hiring for entry-level positions, while one-third (33.3%) are hiring for administrative and clerical positions as well. Like any organization, these Catholic churches and dioceses need hardworking and detail-oriented individuals to keep their organizations running smoothly, to be able to serve their communities as seamlessly and effectively as possible. One-third (33.3%) of those surveyed also said they would be hiring for mid-level management or senior-level executive positions in the coming months, providing opportunities for strong and faithful leaders to join the field of ministry.

The social dimension of ministry is key to fostering a sense of community and encouraging engagement in the actions that contribute to the common good. In our high-tech world, all employers want their future employees to have experience working with social media, and a majority of employers (66.7%) say they value job applicants who have taken courses in marketing and advertising, and communications and public relations. Many employers also value candidates who have taken courses in accounting and finance (66.7%), and theology and liberal arts (50%), and nearly all (83.3%) need applicants to be able to use the Microsoft Office Suite of programs. 

Ministry positions appeal to a wide range of individuals, because they can accommodate many levels of education and experience, and can provide flexible schedules and other benefits job seekers value in our modern world. Employers generally do not require employees to have a college degree for many positions, and they look favorably on freelancers – 16.7% of employers would actively seek out freelancers or those who have started their own business, and all would at least consider these individuals as long as they have the necessary skills for the position. 

There are different certifications that may be beneficial for certain ministry positions, though of course it will vary by organization and position. Many churches and dioceses, as well as other ministry organizations that work with certain populations like children or the disabled, require applicants to pass a background check and take safe environment training. In general, though, many ministry positions are open to all those who have basic business and communication skills, upstanding personal values, and a strong desire to support the Catholic faith in their daily life and work. Overall, working with Catholic dioceses and parishes is just one of many ways to serve in the field of ministry. We are dedicated to connecting passionate individuals with organizations that work to spread the Catholic faith and make our world a better place. 

There are some excellent organizations out there doing ministerial work. Click on the logos below to learn more about these exemplary organizations. Or, visit our Job Board to browse all job openings by category and location. 

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