FAQ: What is Catholic Gigs?

Catholic Gigs is an online platform that facilitates connections between people with Catholic values and goals directing their lives, particularly their work. It serves as a unique hub where Catholic seekers and employers can interact, providing opportunities to align their work with their faith through employment, volunteer work, internships, and more. 

Whether you are seeking employment opportunities aligned with your faith or looking to recruit talented individuals who share your Catholic values, Catholic Gigs offers an opportunity to find individuals who share your commitment to the Catholic faith. Our platform facilitates meaningful connections, fostering community and collaboration among Catholics worldwide.

Catholic Gigs is a digital resource designed to help job seekers and employers with aligned values connect. We are not a recruitment firm or a vetting authority. While we fully adhere to the tenets of the Catholic Church, we trust our users to exercise their own discernment when sharing information or contacting other members of the Catholic Gigs community. This empowers you to independently verify the credentials and suitability of any potential employers or candidates, making you feel trusted and responsible.

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