Words of Wisdom: Catholic School Professionals Share Advice for Future Educators

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Trish Irvine and Courtney Ceponis are experienced Catholic school professionals who offer valuable advice to new graduates seeking a teaching job in a Catholic school. Irvine teaches at a Catholic high school in South Dakota. Ceponis serves as Leadership Coordinator at a Catholic school in New Jersey. During her career, Courtney has previously taught 3rd-8th … Read more

How We Attract Job-Seekers to Catholic Gigs

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Here at Catholic Gigs, one of the most common questions that we are asked by employers is: “How do you attract job-seekers to view our job postings on Catholic Gigs?” The answer is that we have several tried-and-true methods that we utilize, and additionally, we’re always innovating and experimenting with new techniques to ensure employers … Read more