FAQ: What is Catholic Gigs

Faq How Do I Use My Coupon Code (1)

Catholic Gigs is an online platform that facilitates connections between people with Catholic values and goals directing their lives, particularly their work. It serves as a unique hub where Catholic seekers and employers can interact, providing opportunities to align their work with their faith through employment, volunteer work, internships, and more.  Whether you are seeking … Read more

FAQ: How Do I Use My Coupon Code?

Faq How Do I Use My Coupon Code

Step 1: Log in to your Catholic Gigs account.  Step 2: From your account dashboard, select “Buy Credits” from the dashboard menu.  Step 3: Select the amount of credits you would like to purchase.  Step 4: In the coupon field, enter your coupon code and select “Apply.”    Step 5: Select “Buy Credits”. Your account will … Read more

FAQ: Should I Join the Employer Directory Without Jobs to Offer?

Faq Should I Join The Employer Directory Without Jobs To Offer

Absolutely! Our free Employer Directory is a valuable platform for showcasing your organization’s brand and mission. Crafting a compelling profile authentically representing your values and goals can help raise awareness about your organization within our community.  By joining the directory, you contribute to our mission of “connecting Catholics” and open doors to potential partnerships or … Read more

FAQ: Can I Use CareerHub If My University Doesn’t Have One?

Faq Can I Use Careerhub If My University Doesn’t Have One

To join CareerHub, you must be a student or alumni of a university that offers CareerHub or an active member of a community that uses CareerHub to manage employment and mentorship opportunities. If your university does not offer CareerHub, you can help bring it to your campus! Share this information with your Career Development Director … Read more

FAQ: Can I Use a Different Applicant Tracking System?

Faq Can I Use A Different Applicant Tracking System

Absolutely! To use an alternative ATS, take the following steps when posting an opportunity:  Log in to your account. Select “Post an Opportunity” from your dashboard menu. For the “How to Apply” field, select “External Website” and add the link to your ATS.  When someone applies to your position, they will be directed to your … Read more

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