An interior image of the Cathedral of St. Louis in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Catholic Gigs Louisiana Are you looking for meaningful work in Louisiana? We want to fan that flame. Louisiana has an incredible history, and there are …

Exterior shot of St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Catholic States


Catholic Gigs Pennsylvania Are you looking for meaningful work in Pennsylvania? You are on the right track! Pennsylvania boasts an incredible history of Catholic institutions …

Mission Concepción, a beautiful Spanish Mission in San Antonio, Texas.

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Missions in Texas The Catholic Church has a long and rich history in the state of Texas. Catholic roots in Texas trace back to the …

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Catholic States

Washington DC

History A few notable characters founded Catholicism in Washington, DC. Bishop John Carroll was the first Bishop of the United States. He was a patriot …

Baltimore Basilica Image

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History Maryland’s Catholic heritage can be traced back to the colonial era. Over the centuries, Maryland has stacked numerous claims to singular Catholic milestones for …

A picture of a Catholic California mission surrounded by palm trees and a blue sky backdrop.

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History California’s history is rooted in Catholicism. Notably, the land was discovered by Spaniards in the 16th century. Subsequently, the Jesuits and then the Franciscans …

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History Catholicism in Oklahoma grew slowly. Three hundred years passed  before it was officially established by Benedictine missionaries in 1875. And it was until 1905 …