1. How long will my job posting stay active? Your job posting has a 30 day term with CatholicGigs. Once the 30 days is up your post will automatically be deleted
  2. Can I update my job listing once it has been posted? Yes, if you the position you have posted has been filled you can delete the posting earlier than the 30 day term.
  3. How long will my featured post stay at the top of the homepage? If you purchase a premium package your post will stay on the featured jobs for the entire term if the listing.
  4. How will be job posting be included in your newsletter? Your job listing will appear once in our weekly newsletter to jobseekers within a week of purchasing one of our premium packages.
  5. How much does it cost to submit my resume to CatholicGigs? Absolutely nothing! We do not charge jobseekers anything to submit their resume online. We consider it our mission to help anyone interested in finding a job in the Catholic market, and will not charge you a dollar in doing so.
  6. Who will be able to view my resume once it has been submitted? Once your resume is uploaded it will be available to view by potential employers and job recruiters alike.
  7. Can I edit my resume once it has been submitted? Yes, when you go to the Gig Seeker Dashboard you will be able to edit your profile and resubmit a resume if necessary.
  8. How long will my resume be available to view? Your resume will be easily accessible to potential employers until you decide to delete it.