Religion and Social Studies Teacher – Middle School School

Cathedral School of Saint Mary has been in continuous operation for more than 156 years. We are one of the largest ministries of the Cathedral of Saint Mary, the seat of the Diocese of Austin, and home to our Bishop, Joe Vasquez STL, D.D.

The Cathedral School occupies a special place in Texas both physically and spiritually. We stand in the heart of downtown Austin, the capital of Texas. Our school is enmeshed in the rich and vibrant history of Texas with educational opportunities right outside our door. Our classrooms are not only located inside our historical buildings but also include the Texas State Capital, the University of Texas LBJ Library, the O. Henry Museum, The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, and The French Legation Museum, to name just a few. Our classrooms roll out into the surrounding central Texas hill country and beyond.

We also stand as a witness to the transformative effect of a traditional classical Catholic education. Throughout our daily routine, we take the time to make all things sacred and reflective for our students, faculty, and staff. This allows us to incorporate our Catholic identity into all we do. Our faculty and staff are committed to forming students both spiritually and physically, thus preparing them for the life of an active and engaged Christian.

We welcome families from over 35 zip codes in and around Austin. Our diversity is our strength. We believe that people can come from all walks of life and succeed. We believe that it is through this diversity that we discover the uniqueness of others and our own unique, Christ-centered place in this world.

We are seeking a faith-filled educator to serve our community as a full-time Middle School Religion and Social Studies teacher.

Ministerial Character

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Austin are canonically obedient to the Bishop and assist him in fulfilling his ministry and canonical obligations. Pastors, presidents, and principals serve as leaders of the schools to make Christ’s mission present and enduring in the schools. In order to fulfill Christ’s mission, the school leaders employ suitable, chosen collaborators, sharing with them Christ’s mission and entrusting to them various responsibilities.

Positions employed in this School help extend the ministry of the School leaders in particular ways as outlined in the job description. The employee in this position is closely connected to and assists the School leaders in the performance of their ministry and, therefore, engages in ministry for the Church.

Job Summary

The Religion Teacher plans, guides, and evaluates the learning process of students. This position reports to the principal and has decision-making responsibilities within the framework of school policies, philosophy, organization, and curriculum.

Essential Duties

● Support and uphold the philosophy of Catholic education and the mission of the school.
● Act as a witness to Gospel values by modeling the teachings of the Catholic Church.
● Support and adhere to the Standards of Conduct and policies and procedures of the school.
● Plan for instruction with logically sequenced objectives based on adopted curriculum and submit plans according to the school policies.
● Provide appropriate material and resources for students to engage in learning.
● Use effective instructional methods and models according to professional standard practice.
● Use varied assessment tools to perform both formative and summative assessments.
● Provide instruction and assessment for understanding.
● Maintain current and accurate records according to school policies.
● Practice positive, consistent discipline in the management of the classroom.
● Communicate with parents regarding academic, behavioral, and safety concerns.
● Maintain a work schedule that maximizes availability to students, parents, and staff.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

● Knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church.
● Knowledge of subjects taught, instructional methods and strategies, and curriculum differentiation.
● Knowledge of child development, learning, and behavior.
● Skill in handling multiple tasks simultaneously.
● Skill in pacing and differentiating instruction.
● Skill in motivating and engaging students in the learning process.
● Skill in organizing and relating information in an understandable format.
● Skill in using job-appropriate technology.
● Skill in critical thinking and planning.
● Skill in demonstrating professionalism in conduct, demeanor, and work habits.
● Skill in collaborating with peers to enhance the work environment and support instructional planning.
● Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding school matters.
● Ability to manage student behavior in classroom setting.
● Ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form.
● Ability to work well with others in the school community.
● Ability to conference with parents upon request and respond to messages in a timely manner.
● Ability to demonstrate gains in student performance that are in keeping with school goals.
● Ability to respond to individual learning needs.

Minimum Qualifications

● Bachelor’s degree in subject taught or related field from an accredited American university or
equivalent in a foreign country.

● None required.

Catholic Requirement:
● Must be a practicing Catholic in good standing.

Certifications and Training:
● Must meet the minimum requirements for teaching field as set forth by the Diocese and TCCED.
● Must submit an Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) Application for Ministry within the first week of employment, participate in an EIM Basic abuse prevention training workshop within 60 days of submitting a complete Application for Ministry, and maintain EIM compliance during the entire term of employment.
● Must meet staff development guidelines as set forth by the Diocese and school administration.
● Without a Theology degree, must complete Religion Certification Part 1 within two years of the date of hire, completing a minimum of 25 hours each year.
● Without a Theology degree, must complete Religion Certification Part 2 within six years of the date of hire, completing a minimum of 30 hours each year.

Working Conditions

● All employees of the school are engaged in ministry and closely tied to the principal in the exercise of the principal’s ministry and obligations to the school.
● The school is an at-will employer.
● Working in a fast-paced environment with priorities and plans that may change rapidly.
● Working on weekends, evenings, and some holidays may be required.
● Will be exposed to religious ceremonies, conduct, and speech including Christian prayer and Catholic liturgical celebrations. Staff meetings and other functions may open and close with Christian prayer.
● Will be required to adhere to established dress codes and conduct standards.
● All buildings and vehicles owned by the school are tobacco free.
● May be required to use personal or school vehicles to drive to off-site locations.
● Traveling within and outside the school to meetings and other events may be required, and travel may include overnight lodging.
● Must maintain a work schedule that maximizes availability to students, parents, colleagues, and administration.
● Will be required to work in multiple educational settings.

Employee Certification

All employees must adhere to the Catholic Schools Standards of Conduct, the Diocese of Austin EIM policies, and the social, ethical, and moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as interpreted by the Bishop of Austin.

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