3rd grade teacher

General Purpose:  To impart knowledge and learning skills to the children in his/her assigned class in a manner that meets professional standards and which incorporates the mission of the school.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

School Philosophy and Goals

• Plans and implements instructional programs and activities that further the school’s goals.

• Contributes to the growth of the school’s community of faith.

• Leads the students in daily classroom prayer, and participates in the liturgical life of the school/parish.

• Involves students in service activities as part of the Church’s mission.

Professional Responsibility

• Uses oral and written English skillfully and correctly.

• Maintains accurate records of attendance and punctuality.

• Communicates effectively with other staff, students, and families.

• Strives for continued improvement and professional growth.

• Confers with parents, the school principal and other staff members as necessary regarding student



• Plans long-term as well as short-term objectives of instruction.

• Uses a variety of appropriate teaching strategies, instructional materials/activities, and teaching modes to accommodate a variety of learning styles and with diocesan curriculum requirements.

• Incorporates peace and justice education into every curriculum area.

• Demonstrates sound professional teaching and classroom management skills to facilitate learning.

• Maintains an appropriate and safe learning environment.

Teacher/Student Relationships

• Promotes and achieves student involvement and initiative in making choices which affect learning and behavior.

• Creates a classroom climate that facilitates learning.

• Provides students with adequate feedback about their work.

• Teaches problem solving skills that lead to peaceful conflict resolution.

• Encourage students to strive for high achievement.

• Manage behavior problems on an individual basis.

• Help students develop positive self-concepts.

Teacher/Parent Relationships

• Provides frequent and effective feedback concerning attainment of learning goals to parents.

• Encourages parents to visit the class and conducts constructive parent conferences.

Teacher/Staff Relationships

• Communicates regularly with principal and co-workers on all matters pertaining to assignments.

• Cooperates with other staff in sharing responsibilities and implementing group decisions.

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