Saint Luke Catholic School in McLean, Virginia (Diocese of Arlington) seeks a faith-filled principal
to begin a leadership role on July 1, 2023. Our parish school, grades pre-K through eight, with a
history of over sixty years of Catholic tradition is currently at capacity with 250 students. The
successful candidate will work closely with parish clergy, faculty, staff, and parents to form our
students in knowledge and holiness.

Our Catholic identity is of utmost importance to our school community. Daily prayer, weekly
Mass, seasonal para-liturgical prayer services, and ongoing works of charity are just some of the
manifestations of our dedication to our Catholic Faith. Academic excellence is exemplified in
our standardized testing and our graduates’ admission to a wide array of high schools in the
metropolitan area. Our school enhances our students’ academic experience with an annual
theater production, a state-of-the-art STEM lab, and two foreign language offerings. Our
Parent Teacher Organization is most supportive of the faculty and staff. Saint Luke was named
a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2014.

Applicants for the position must be practicing Catholics committed to the Faith. Five years of
teaching experience in a Catholic elementary school and a master’s degree in School
Administration are minimum requirements. In addition, proven leadership, educational,
managerial, and communication skills are essential. Appropriate Virginia State and Diocese of
Arlington certifications must be obtained within three years of hire if not already held.
To apply, please complete the application process outlined on the Office of Catholic Schools
website and send a complete
application packet by May 5, 2023 to:
Personnel Department
Office of Catholic Schools
200 N. Glebe Road, Suite 503
Arlington, VA 22203