Admissions Counselor

Date:  April 25, 2023

Position Available:  Admissions Counselor

Position Reports to:  Dean of Admissions

Department:  Admissions

FLSA Status:  Exempt

Schedule:  Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., some evenings and weekends


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The Admissions Counselor will be responsible for recruiting and enrolling a specific number of new students on an annual basis. This position will travel on behalf of Franciscan University to multiple youth conferences and high schools as a recruitment representative.



1.     Manage a recruitment funnel and use the predictive model to identify and recruit “most likely to enroll” students in order to achieve recruitment goals.

2.     Provide consistent follow-up with students and parents via phone, email, and text.

3.     Meet with prospective students and their parents during campus visit days.

4.     Represent the University at summer high school youth conferences, Catholic summer camps, high schools, and other events through the year.

5.     Build and maintain relationships with faculty and staff in support of recruitment efforts.

6.     Build and reinforce Franciscan University’s image to the public.


This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list.  Additional duties, expectations and responsibilities may be added or changed as needed to meet the University’s needs.



Must understand, support and embrace the mission of Franciscan University of Steubenville and possess the following:


Work Experience

·         Two years of professional work experience preferred in the following areas:

a.     Customer service (helpful)

b.     Telemarketing (helpful)

c.     Recruitment (helpful)




Action Oriented:

·         Displays initiative; doesn’t wait to be told or asked to do something

·         Comfortable acting in the absence of clear guidance or instructions

·         Doesn’t get bogged down in planning or analysis; has a penchant for taking action

·         Gets involved – tends to participate more than observe or oversee something

·         Identifies and addresses roadblocks or obstacles that impede progress of a project or task


Developing Self:

·         Continually assesses one’s skills and identifies areas that can be further improved

·         Is alert for and quick to seize opportunities to raise one’s skills and/or contribution to the University

·         Actively seeks to understand how one’s role/function fits into the bigger picture at FUS

·         Sets ambitious personal goals that require stretch or expose one to new situations or challenges

·         Actively seeks to identify, share and leverage the key learnings in a given situation

Decision Quality:

·         Effectively blends analysis, experience and intuition in the decision-making process

·         Has a knack for getting to the most critical or essential point in a situation or problem

·         Focuses on the effectiveness of a decision more so than the speed with which it is made

·         Appropriately considers the various stakeholders who might be impacted by a decision

·         Effectively involves others in the decision-making process when appropriate


Drive for Results:

·         Maintains a clear focus on the intended outcomes of a given goal, project or assignment

·         Is tenacious at pursuing a goal and bringing it to a successful close

·         Can be consistently counted on to follow through, meet commitments and deliver results

·         Has a knack for finding the most efficient way of getting something done

·         Displays a continuous awareness of and appreciation for bottom-line results or other key indicators


Managerial Courage, Planning, Motivating

·         Doesn’t hesitate to take an unpopular or non-traditional stand on a particular issue

·         Is comfortable sharing one’s point of view around people of higher authority

·         Accurately assesses the complexity and difficulty of specific projects and initiatives

·         Breaks projects down into key process steps and further into specific tasks

·         Identifies individual motivational drivers and leverages them to optimize performance and results

·         Is effective at soliciting and using input from others to create buy-in



·         BA and/or BS degree, required.


Technical Skills

·         Knowledge, experience, and competency in the Microsoft Office Suite.

·         Knowledge, experience and competency in Salesforce

·         Jenzabar J1


Workplace Factors

·         Willingness to work nights and weekends as necessary and to travel to conferences, college fairs and high schools

·         Ability to lift 25 pounds when moving recruiting materials from place to place

·         Willingness and ability to make a minimum two-year commitment to the Admissions Department at Franciscan University.


Candidates must submit an online application, a resume, reference list, and a cover letter that demonstrates their fit for the position based on their experience, accomplishments and skills as well as their desire to advance the mission of Franciscan University.


Please apply online:


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Franciscan University of Steubenville is committed to principles of equal opportunity and is an equal opportunity employer.

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