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Job Posting: Music

.6 position (possible 1.0 with Drama/Musical Experience or willingness to do Admin Assistant work)

The rich heritage of Catholic liberal education sets Aquinas Classical Academy apart. Primary sources define our curriculum, immersing students in the greatest works of Western civilization. We delve into Plato, Aristotle, and Boethius. Sacred Scripture takes the pride of place in our studies. Augustine, Aquinas, and the Church Fathers guide us. The profound literary works of Homer, Dante, and Shakespeare form our imaginations and teach us timeless truths. The rich beauty of Latin, the building block of Western languages, inspires and informs our grammatical studies. Logic and rhetoric are tools with which we think critically and articulate persuasively. This true, good, and beautiful formation corresponds to our rational nature, sparking our wonder and urging us to seek the answers to the fundamental questions of life. At Aquinas Classical Academy, we pursue truth by cultivating the seven liberal arts under the light of faith, the fullness of truth.​ ​

The position is a .6 position with benefits commensurate. Additional FTE can be added with interest in general choir and or the formation of Schola. The course descriptions reveal potential assignments which will be finalized contingent on candidate’s level of preparation and experience.


Music 1 (9th grade and transfer students) This class is a well-rounded introduction to the world of music in general and, specifically, to Gregorian Chant. Students practice and prepare to perform high quality music both for Mass and for concerts. Through solfege and Gregorian Chant, they learn basic music reading skills and how these skills transfer into modern notation. Students will also have an overview of the great composers of history and why their music has survived to the current day. Students discuss pieces of music with the goal of thinking critically and debating their views about music using the information they gained from performance, theory, and music history.

Music 2 (10th grade)

In this course, students use the skills learned from their first year of music to specifically focus on the Renaissance and Baroque periods. In addition to chant, students practice and perform polyphony and four-part chorales both for Mass and for concerts. They learn how the complexity of Western harmony developed over the centuries, and they practice singing choral pieces from various stages of harmonic development. Students continue to use this knowledge to think critically about music and to form and defend their musical opinions.

Schola Cantorum (voluntary/after school)

The Schola vocal ensemble is a smaller, voluntary group that provides sacred music for our weekly Masses. This is a club and will be compensated with an activity stipend.

Choir (.5 credit per semester)

This course is performance based presented with a variety of music genres including but not limited to performing at Mass. Students would be presented with a variety of genres including but not limited to liturgical pieces. Minimum of two performances per year in addition to performing weekly at the all-school Masses.


  • BA or MA in Music, with emphasis on teaching, performance and knowledge of Music History.
  • Trained in Classical Education or willing to be trained, including familiarity with Socratic Seminar and or related pedagogy as it relates to Music.
  • Willing to rehearse choir(s) to perform at least two concerts per year and potentially for scheduled fundraising events.
  • Understands the importance of integrating content within the four-year course of study, especially as it relates to the Catholic Church, the Fathers of the Church, and Scripture.
  • Professional
  • Available to be taught
  • Collaborative
  • Self-starter
  • Takes initiative
  • Meets deadlines
  • Is an excellent communicator
  • Unabashedly Catholic

Statement of Faith
​All faculty, staff, and members of the Board of Trustees take an Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. We encourage our school community to frequent the sacraments, adore the Blessed Sacrament, and participate at their parishes.

*This position may be extended to a 1.0 FTE with experience in teaching drama, facilitating drama productions and working to develop student interest in performing musicals OR through administrative assistant work. Submit additional qualifications as part of your CV.

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Stephen Holland at [email protected]

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