Position Summary:

The primary role of the Controller is to assist the PIME USA Area Treasurer (“Treasurer”) in his duties. He/She also supports the Regional Superior (“Superior”) and the PIME USA Area Councilor (“Councilor”) in all aspects related to finances in the following areas: human resources, accounts payable, banking, priests, building, general journal, reports, others.

** Please note that this position is located in Detroit, MI , but will be relocating to Farmington Hills, MI in the Fall of 2023!



Human Resources:

·       Prepares bi-weekly payroll via Paycor.

·       Prepares forms and pays all payroll benefits.

·       Makes changes to benefits as requested by employees.

·       Stays informed of the latest regulations pertaining to employment law and occasionally attends seminars or webinars.

·       Reviews employee benefits being marketed to PIME to see if they would be a good addition to our benefits package.

·       Through the Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC), prepares and communicates to new and departing employees benefits packages.

·       Coordinates with Mission Center Administrator, Treasurer, and the Councilor with certain employment issues.

·       Coordinates with Mission Center Administrator to manage the Paid Time Off (PTO) schedules for employees.

·       Helps prepare and maintains the employee handbook.

·       Reviews and prepares annual report for Worker’s Compensation Insurance


Accounts Payable:

·       Receives invoices and verifies with approving employee, if needed; enters into accounting system and pays as they come due. Pay invoices using one of three options: Prepares checks and obtains the signature of the Treasurer or Councilor; pay via ACH or wire transfer through Comerica Business Connect (Assistant Treasurer initiates transfer, Treasurer or Councilor approves); us PIME credit card. File forms 1099-Misc. when required.

·       Maintains adequate supplies of check stock and check envelopes.

·       Makes monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual annuity payments as is required by each annuity contract; and files forms 1099-R.

·       Manages all healthcare-related invoices.



·       Prepares deposits for the Procure office (funds for ministry, and other non-mission center income). Assist Treasurer in making both Procure and Center deposits via Comerica Business Connect and scanner. Secure checks for 90 days, after which they will be shredded.

·       Assists Treasurer and Councilor in opening and closing credit card accounts; monitors credit card accounts, entering charges and payments into accounting system and resolving issues regarding fraudulent transactions.

·       Maintains adequate balances in all bank accounts.

·       Assists Treasurer in monthly bank reconciliations.

·       Receives and disburses cash as requested; maintains cash receipts/disbursement vouchers and enters into accounting system. Assists Treasurer in weekly/monthly cash reconciliation.

·       Monitors bank accounts online to view EFT transactions or possible fraudulent activities.

·       Makes monthly and occasional bank transfers to missions.

·       Prepares, in coordination with the Superior, Councilor, and Treasurer, paperwork associated with opening, closing, or making signatory changes for bank accounts.



·       Assists priests in applying for and managing their Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits.

·       Assists priests in obtaining health insurance and assists some in ordering prescriptions.

·       Assists new non-U.S. priests/students in obtaining their driver’s license and Social Security card.

·       Pays quarterly estimated taxes and files year-end employer (1099-NEC) and individual tax forms.

·       Assists some priests in purchasing cell phones.

·       Manages Excel file for Mission Appeals, recording the related income and priests’ expenses.

·       Assists Councilor’s Secretary and PIME attorneys with paperwork related to immigration visas.



·       Reviews options for equipment leases such as postage machine and copier machine.

·       Reviews property insurance needs and manages insurance claims for buildings and autos.

·       Maintain cell phone and land-line accounts, participate in choosing options.


General Journal:

·       Makes all journal entries as required by job duties, in accordance with GAAP standards.



·       Coordinates with Councilor and Mission Center Administrator in order to assist Treasurer in preparing an annual internal budget.

·       Prepares annual financial reports for PIME USA Area in order to report to PIME General Treasury in Milan, Italy by end of March, the financial activities of the previous year and budget for the next two years.

·       Prepare the following reports: annual internal budget, annual financial reports for PIME USA Area, monthly reports to missions, monthly financial reports for Councilor & Lay Pension Board, EFT donation receipts, monthly investment report.

·       Reconcile the following: monthly reports between accounting system and donor database, Fixed Asset Report and Annuities with year-end balances

·       Maintain the following: Foundation files, fixed asset report and restricted funds distribution throughout the year, Charitable Gifts Annuities



·       Assists Councilor in completing paperwork requested by missions and dioceses asking PIME USA to act as fiscal agent when the mission/diocese makes grant requests to various U.S. based foundations.

·       Assists investment manager, in coordination with the Councilor and Treasurer, in preparing paperwork associated with opening, closing, or making signatory changes to investment accounts.

·       Prepares paperwork for and assists auditors in performing annual audit/audit review.




1.                        College Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finances or related field required.

2.                        Minimum of five years of progressive experience in office setting with data entry, database            management, supervisory and/or accounting skills.

3.                        Proven ability to work collaboratively with various staff departments.

4.                        Proven ability to train, manage and motivate staff and volunteers.

5.                        Experience in religious non-profits and Catholic ministry setting is preferred, as well as     experience with restricted and non-restricted funds.

6.                        Committed to organizational mission of outreach to non-Christian communities by        providing education, care and support in developing countries and communities.

7.                        Knowledge of technology, spreadsheets, mail merge and database management.

8.                        Excellent communication skills are desired.

9.                        Ability to manage a variety of responsibilities with energy, flexibility and attention to      detail.

10.                   Ability to work productively with deadlines.

11.                   Ability to travel and work flexible hours as required.

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