Assistant Superintendent for Governance and Leadership





Dependent on Experience (DOE)



SUMMARY:  Under the supervision of the Secretariat Director and Superintendent of Catholic Schools, this position is responsible for facilitating schools’ needs to ensure that the governance and leadership of each school is managed professionally and meets the requirements of the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops as well as the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Schools. This position oversees the work of the department in updating and maintaining the Administrators’ Handbook relative to this domain; supporting Pastors and Principals in their roles as campus leaders; guiding Advisory School Councils in their work to advise the Pastor and Principal; and training future leaders for both Principal and Second in Command roles. In addition, this position provides advice and information; achieves defined objectives by planning, evaluating, developing, implementing, and maintaining services in compliance with established guidelines and policies; and serves as a member of the CSO leadership team. This position also guides and supports the work of our Cross Cohort principals.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include but are not limited to the following tasks. Other duties may be assigned:

With our guiding core values in mind, create annual goals that advance the mission of our schools and Catholic Schools Office, as well as help us to achieve our Envisioned Future as noted in the Good to Great document.

Recommend and provide direction to the Superintendent regarding policies, procedures, and actions to meet the Archdiocesan and CSO strategic goals and objectives.

Create, monitor, and evaluate the Governance and Leadership portion of the Catholic Schools Office budget.

Serve on the Archdiocesan Advisory School Council and make quarterly presentations to the AASC regarding the Governance and Leadership domain.

Oversee the work of the Galveston-Houston Catholic Athletic Association (GHCAA).

Create, monitor, and evaluate the GHCAA budget.

Work in tandem with Archdiocesan offices as needed to carry out the role of Assistant Superintendent for Governance and Leadership.

Develop and implement a training program to support staff from within the Archdiocese and/or CSO in the areas of governance and leadership.

Initiate and conduct training for Pastors, Priests, and Seminarians to familiarize them with Catholic schools and how to be a support to Principals and school communities.

Administer the Principal selection process through effective interviewing and vetting activities while assisting pastors with Principal hiring procedures.

Enhance and manage the Aspiring Leaders Academy formation program.

Foster a mission and data-driven culture through the facilitation of Principal Professional Learning Communities or PLCs.

Facilitate, direct, and manage the Principal Formation Program to ensure that aspiring leaders are adequately trained and supported to meet the Archdiocesan performance and NSBECS expectations.

Enhance, facilitate, and manage the Principal Mentoring Program to develop and mentor newly appointed principals through coaching, professional development, and customized support systems and guidance.

Oversee the Principal Evaluation Process and ensure timely completion by pastors.

Support schools in developing and implementing their strategic plans as they relate to governance and leadership.

Monitor and review advisory council processes to ensure efficient support for schools in their work to achieve their strategic plans.

Host ongoing training for schools’ ASC leadership teams. Further develop and support the Cultivating a Collaborative Council Culture initiative.

Provide Advisory School Council Trainings as requested by schools.

Support a cohort of Principals and Pastors with their school’s management and operations. Address parental or student concerns as needed.

Attend cohort principal meetings and keep them informed about TCCB ED policies and procedures as needed.

Participate in meetings, workshops, and seminars for conveying and gathering information regarding a wide variety of subjects essential to carrying out administrative responsibilities related to governance and leadership.

Prepare necessary and often complex written material such as plans, analyses, recommendations, procedures, activities, issues, and evaluation processes for making presentations and then provide materials for requested actions as they pertain to governance and leadership standards and benchmarks.

Meet with and train those who are identified as the “Second in Command” on their campuses.

Research information required to manage assignments including the review of relevant policies, current practices, staffing requirements, and financial resources to develop new programs and services; secure general information to plan and respond to requests.

Respond to written and verbal inquiries from a variety of internal and external sources including but not limited to staffing, conflicts in policies and regulations, community concerns, and parental requests to identify the relevant issues and then recommend and implement a solution.

Examine and keep current compliance with all licensing, legal, and administrative requirements and department procedures and processes.

Leadership; Collaboration; Organization; Confidence; Creativity; Critical Thinking; Problem-solving; Strong oral and written communication; Able to operate various computer and networking systems; Working with school staff; Teaching adults; Talking to leaders on matters such as school governance, school choice, budgets; and developing educational programs.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Master’s Degree in Catholic School Leadership or Education (Doctoral Degree preferred) with a minimum of seven (7) years of experience in a Catholic school setting, including three (3) of these years in an administrative capacity. This position must be held by a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church who is committed to the mission of Catholic education and continued faith formation.

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