Camp Counselor Summer Season

🌟 Embark on a Transformative Leadership Journey at Santiago Retreat Center! 🌟

Who We Are
Nestled in the foothills of Orange County in Southern California, Santiago Retreat Center is a beacon of faith, retreat, and renewal in the Catholic tradition. We’re dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, community building, and leadership development in the light of the Gospel. As a sanctuary for deepening relationships with Christ, we offer a unique blend of spiritual retreats and dynamic leadership opportunities to nurture your soul, mind, and heart.

Our Location
Find us amidst the serene landscapes of Southern California, about 20 miles from Christ Cathedral in Orange County – a place that inspires reflection and prayer.

Volunteer Opportunities
Join us for a summer of faith and service! Whether you’re here for the whole season or a single camp, volunteering is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a community dedicated to giving, faith enrichment, and leadership skill development. Discover our camps.

Become a Camp Counselor: A Journey of Faith and Leadership
Challenge yourself, sharpen your leadership skills, and make a meaningful difference within a Catholic framework. Our Camp Counselor program is an extraordinary opportunity for young adults to cultivate professional and spiritual skills in a dynamic, outdoor setting enriched by Catholic values.

Elevate Your Journey with Hands-On Internship Experience

  • Leadership Development: Take on leadership roles, build critical skills within a framework of Catholic leadership principles.
  • Professional and Spiritual Growth: Benefit from mentorship, workshops, and active feedback focused on refining your skills and deepening your understanding of Catholic virtues.
  • Community Impact: Make a lasting difference in the lives of campers, fostering growth, confidence, joy, and a deeper faith connection.
  • Faith Life Impact: Enrich the faith life of young Catholics, guiding them to discover the joy of the Gospel.

Why Choose Santiago Retreat Center?

  • Resume and Spirituality Booster: Showcase your commitment to leadership and service, enriched by faith.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals, peers, and faith leaders in a vibrant Catholic community.

Join us for a summer of growth, adventure, faith, and the chance to shape the Catholic leaders of tomorrow. This isn’t just a job; it’s a mission to transform.

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