Elementary Teacher – MPB

Job Description and Requirements

Most Precious Blood Catholic School is seeking an elementary teacher to teach fifth grade for the 2023-2024 academic year.  The Catholic school teacher will adhere to the NCEA Code of Ethics for the Catholic school teacher, which specifies the attitude and the practice of the teacher in relation to the student, the parent, the community, and the profession.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The teacher will form the whole child-spiritually, intellectually, socially, morally, and physically in a Christ-centered environment. The teacher will be able to provide engaging instruction, possess a high level of content knowledge and model all to achieve success.  Effective classroom management is essential.

  • The teacher encourages and supports students to achieve maximum potential in spiritual and academic growth.
  • The teacher maintains a sound disciplinary program that provides direction and positive attitudes.
  • The teacher maintains a functional, organized, and positive classroom which maximizes learning.
  • The teacher shows evidence of planning and preparing for classroom instruction.
  • The teacher utilizes a variety of teaching strategies in the delivery of instruction.
  • The teacher evaluates student learning.
  • The teacher exhibits knowledge of subject matter(s).
  • The teacher utilizes principles of motivation and reinforcement.
  • The teacher demonstrates professional attitudes, responsibilities and pursues professional growth.
  • The teacher supports administration, school programs, communicates effectively with parents, works collaboratively with colleagues, promotes the school and its mission in a positive light, and helps to build community and connection in the school community and diocese.


  • Bachelor’s Degree and minimum of 12 credit hours in education.
  • Prefer teaching experience.
  • Agree to work on Catechist Certification.


  • Knowledge of the basic teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Knowledge of subjects taught, instructional methods and strategies, curriculum differentiation and proficiency in technology applications.
  • Ability to work well with others in the school community.

 Additional Requirements:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Submit to employment required screenings, criminal background, and drug screening.
  • Certified in Safe Environment training provided by the Office of Safe Environment and Child and Family Resources
  • Position requires adherence to diocesan policies and procedures.


Closing Date:
Until filled.

All interested candidates must download an employment application from the Diocesan website and send in the completed application, resume, transcript, and brief statement of educational philosophy to:

Diocese of Corpus Christi
c/o Melissa Morin, Office of Human Resources, mmorin@diocesecc.org; Dr. Rosemary Henry, Superintendent, rhenry@diocesecc.org; and Nelda Bazan, Principal, nelda.bazan@mpbcs.net


Corpus Christi




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