Fifth-Grade Teacher








Job Title: Fifth-Grade Teacher

Organization: Catholic Tri-Parish and Assumption Catholic School

Location: On-site

Catholic Tri-Parish and Assumption Catholic School is currently seeking a passionate and dedicated Fifth-Grade Teacher to join our dynamic teaching team. We are a private, faith-based school located on-site in a vibrant community. Our school is committed to providing a high-quality education.

Position Overview: As a Fifth-Grade Teacher, you will be responsible for creating a stimulating and engaging classroom environment that fosters a love of learning and supports the academic, social, and spiritual growth of our students. This is a full-time position that requires active involvement in faculty meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and school events.

Key Responsibilities: – Plan and implement a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate curriculum that aligns with state and Diocesan standards.

– Utilize a variety of instructional strategies to cater to the diverse learning styles of students.

– Create a positive and inclusive classroom culture that promotes respect, cooperation, and academic excellence.

– Foster spiritual growth and character development through the integration of Catholic values and teachings.

– Establish and maintain open and effective communication with students, parents, colleagues, and school administration.

– Evaluate student progress regularly and provide timely and constructive feedback through grades, written reports, and conferences.

– Collaborate with other grade-level teachers to plan and implement cross-curricular activities and projects.

– Participate in professional development opportunities to enhance teaching skills and stay updated with current educational best practices.

– Monitor and maintain a safe, organized, and welcoming classroom environment.

– Coordinate and supervise student activities, including field trips, community service projects, and extracurricular activities.


– Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field.

– Valid state teaching certification.

– Commitment to Catholic values and the ability to integrate them into curriculum and instruction.

– Excellent communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.

– Ability to differentiate instruction and provide individualized support to meet the diverse needs of students.

– Strong classroom management skills.

– Proficiency in technology and the ability to integrate it into instruction.

– Willingness to participate in school-wide events and activities outside of regular school hours.

Catholic Tri-Parish and Assumption Catholic School

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