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Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.



Drexel High School opened in Fall 2023 in Belmont, North Carolina. It is an independent private high school run by a board of lay Catholics committed to the Church and its magisterium. The mission of Drexel High School is to form students in truth, encourage them in wonder, educate them in the liberal arts and sciences, and prepare them for life as capable and responsible children of God committed to knowing, loving, and serving God through their work, leisure, and prayer.

We accomplish this through three main charisms:

Eucharistic Centered – Our Catholic faith is the driving force behind the mission of Drexel High School. Catholicism isn’t something sprinkled on top of an otherwise ordinary school. Rather, it permeates everything we do. At Drexel you’ll find daily Mass, frequent opportunities for adoration and confession, faculty who teach and witness to the faith, and a curriculum taught from a Catholic worldview.

An Education for Life – With a deep commitment to classical education, the Drexel curriculum is designed to help students live well now and prepare them for their life and vocation beyond high school. With its foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, the Drexel curriculum also exposes students to the art of leisure, introduces them to practical life skills, and provides them with personal mentorship.

Culture of Charity – At Drexel High School, the structure of the day, courses, and classrooms are designed for a culture of friendship, conversation, and learning. The best books in the world won’t make up for an uncharitable, disorderly, or gloomy atmosphere. Grounded in prayer, charity, and shared experiences, the entire school community works towards a culture of love, respect, and learning.

We are seeking a dynamic, mission-oriented Head of School.

The Head of School, being a practicing Catholic, shares a zeal for learning and a passion for the school’s mission. The Head of School will develop relationships of sincere care and trust with staff, parents, families, and students of the Drexel High community. The Head of School will foster a culture of classical Catholic education, creating an atmosphere that inspires wonder and love of learning by modeling and encouraging perseverance, diligence, and intellectual and moral virtue, as well as fostering a community characterized by authentic Catholic faith, charity, and hospitality. Above all, the Head of School will demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in teaching, serving, and living a sacramental life.

The Head of School will shepherd students by helping them to live in light of our school mission, ordering their lives toward the good, the true, and the beautiful, inspiring them with wonder at the glories of God’s Word and God’s creation, and encouraging them to cultivate the gifts that God has given them as stewards in service of one another. The Head of School will exhibit administrative competence and efficiency in ensuring that the school finances and records are maintained in good order, budgets are met, and timely communication with community members is maintained.

The Ideal Candidate will possess the following characteristics:

A Witness for the Catholic Faith:
Witnesses to the Catholic faith in personal and professional life;
Commits to providing the school community with a rich sacramental life;
Exhibits the virtues in interactions with faculty, students and parents.

A Guide for the Teachers:
Displays passion and excitement for classical education in the Catholic tradition;
Guides teachers by observing classrooms, reviewing lesson plans and coaching, as needed.
Builds up a unified faculty and staff to effectively educate in the liberal arts and sciences.

A Model for the Mission:
Partners with parents in the formation of students to know, love and serve God.
Works with teachers to form students in Truth and encourage them in wonder.
Builds a strong presence in the community by building relationships and sharing the beauty of classical education in the Catholic tradition.

The Opportunity

Drexel High School is a startup school in its first year of operation. A strong experienced board committed to the growth and financial stability of the school will support the Head of School. This is a growth opportunity for a candidate who wants to build the next great Catholic High School in America. Just west of downtown and minutes from Belmont Abbey College, Drexel High is located in the Charlotte Diocese, one of the most vibrant and fastest-growing dioceses in the country.

Charlotte is located in an affordable region of the country in a state with a universal voucher program. The North Carolina Opportunity Scholarships (vouchers) will significantly support the growth of Drexel High and would be available to the children of a Head of School candidate to support the lower school needs of any children they may have.


Education: Masters related field preferred (or currently enrolled).

Experience: Teaching experience, experience or knowledge of classical school curriculum, secondary school administration, familiarity with the mission of Drexel High School and the teachings of the Catholic Church. One called to administration and leadership is more important than number of years teaching. Candidates with non-traditional academic backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Personal Characteristics:
Must be a practicing Roman Catholic in good standing.
Self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Exceptional drive and motivation.
Magnanimity – the desire to make his/her life something noble and great.
Humility – the understanding that true leaders are in service to others.

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.

Application Process:
Please send a cover letter and resume along with salary requirements to
Philip Brach
Chair, Board of Directors
Drexel High School

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