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Front Royal






St. Joseph the Just School for Boys (SJJ) is looking for a motivated leader who is dedicated to classical Catholic education, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and has a proven track record of forging successful relationships and leading by example. The Headmaster joins a talented and experienced teaching staff. SJJ’s near-term goals include increasing the number of staff and enrollment in order to move strongly into its third and subsequent years. Successful fundraising and revenue-generating strategies are important components of realizing these goals.

The Headmaster will support strategic fundraising efforts in collaboration with the Board of Directors and will participate in periodic events and meetings locally. The preferred candidate will have significant teaching and leadership experience in a Catholic educational environment and a minimum of a master’s degree. Below are additional qualifications that will be evaluated in all applicants:

●  A practicing Catholic whose faith and prayer life animate their entire life,

●  Proven ability to teach, manage, lead teams, and develop individuals,

●  Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both written and spoken,

●  Solid track record of fiscal responsibility,

●  Understanding of and appreciation for Montessori and Classical approaches to

●  Experience developing and implementing age-appropriate curricula, 

●  Ability to work in a dynamic educational environment, adapt to changing circumstances, and effectively prioritize competing demands.

Executive Summary
St. Joseph the Just School for Boys is located in Front Royal, VA and began operations in the fall of 2022. We are looking for an experienced professional to take on responsibilities as the Headmaster. The Headmaster is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school, including the management of the teaching and administrative staff, and communications and outreach to school families and the broader community. The successful candidate will have experience with fundraising and strategic planning. This position is a full-time, salaried position spanning a 32 week academic year  from September through May. The school takes off all solemnities and some federal holidays, and observes Christmas, Easter, and summer breaks. There will be occasional weekend events and some time will be devoted to planning and preparation during the school breaks, but these responsibilities will be reasonable and can be flexibly managed.

Job Responsibilities

The Headmaster will report directly to the Board of Directors and work together with the teaching and administrative staff to lead day-to-day operations and strategic growth of the school. The Headmaster will be in charge of:

●  Implementing the school’s vision on a day-to-day basis, enriching school culture and student life within the school community.

●  Managing and assisting the faculty in executing the school’s various curricula and leading the weekly staff meeting.

●  Assisting the board in recommending, hiring, supporting, evaluating, and retaining school personnel.

●  Handling disciplinary and other issues that arise in the normal rhythm of school life.

●  Regularly communicating with current and prospective parents.

●  Leading and managing the recruitment of new students. 

●  Teaching at least one junior and one senior high school class. 

●  Annual budgeting, routine procurement, contracting, and operations

●  Supporting and participating in the school’s annual and targeted fundraising

●  Collaborating with the Board of Directors and business staff to ensure financial targets are met.

●  Representing SJJ in the community and building ties with local
Catholic communities and business leaders to bolster the school’s reputation.

●  Leading long-term growth projects for the school.

●  Providing Catholic formation to students, school personnel, and parents.

●  Modeling professional, moral, and ethical standards and demonstrating good character and integrity in all interactions.

Write an annual report on the state of the school to make necessary recommendations for the growth and well-being of the institution.

About St. Joseph the Just School for Boys
St. Joseph the Just School for Boys is an exciting venture located in Front Royal, Virginia. It serves the communities of Warren, Frederick, Shenandoah and Paige Counties. Our mission statement is “to answer the challenge to develop young men in the moral, intellectual and theological virtues by providing the skills, tools and formation that will enable them to use the gifts of nature and Grace to serve as just, prudent, Christian leaders in their families and communities.” 

Our student cap for the 2024-25 school year is 30 students. We currently serve grades 7 through 11 and will add grade 12 next year. We have been provided a parish building to use temporarily but will need to obtain a more permanent location for subsequent years.

As SJJ grows, we envision a vibrant community of young men seeking to serve God and others by seeking their unique vocations, as they grow in maturity and develop the cardinal and theological virtues.

To Apply

Please submit a cover letter explaining how your experiences exemplify the educational leader we seek as described in this position announcement. Applications will also include: a curriculum vitae; three professional references with names, relationship, phone number, and email address; and one pastoral reference. Materials should be emailed to the Board President, Dian Schmiedicke: dschmiedicke@divineassistanceacademy.org and CC’d to Advisory Board member Dr. Ryan Gorman: ryanrgorman@gmail.com.

The successful candidate will advance through two stages: first, an online interview with the Board President and members of the search committee, followed by a final interview, preferably in person, with the Advisory Board. The start date is July 1, 2024. Please refer any questions to Dian Schmiedicke.

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