Middle School Math and Science Teaching Fellow


Glenwood Springs



$43,000 – $47,000 



Cabrini is currently looking for a Middle School Math and Science teacher for St. Stephen’s Catholic School in beautiful Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Stephen Catholic School provides a rigorous, time-tested curriculum taught by committed faculty in a faith-based and nurturing environment results in a measurably accomplished academic achievement. Catholic teachings, faith and traditions are integral to a curriculum that reinforces what is taught at home, including virtues of discipline, respect, and responsibility. These will provide guidance and inspiration as your child navigates life’s challenges.  Cabrini Teaching Fellows is a postgraduate fellowship that exists to contribute to Catholic school renewal in the Archdiocese of Denver. Fellows will be part of a supportive, spirit-driven formation community that will assist in individual growth, equip them with tools for success, and provide a life in community.  Fellows are recent college graduates who will spend three years teaching in the Archdiocese of Denver to aid in the renewal of the Catholic faith within mission-aligned schools. Fellows will not only serve as exemplary role models for their students but also acquire invaluable life skills, training, and personal growth opportunities that will enable them to flourish both during their tenure and in their lives beyond the fellowship.  Fellows do not need to have a teaching degree or experience in the classroom to apply.  Cabrini Teaching Fellows offers a $1,000 relocation stipend.  Requirements for fellows:  Aspires to deepen their faith. Is a recent college graduate. Is currently residing in Colorado or those willing to relocate to the state. Aims for a fulfilling career in teaching. Is driven by a sense of purpose, a commitment to making a positive impact, and the pursuit of the good life. Finds joy in contributing to the growth of others. Values intellectual rigor. Fosters the flourishing of both the human and professional person. Radiates joy. Longs to be an integral part of and contribute to community. Seeks to do good, even if it demands discomfort.  Salary Range: $43,000 – $47,000  Benefits Offered: Comprehensive and generous medical, dental, vision, and prescription coverage Paid personal (2) and sick (10) leave per academic year Pension plan Employer-paid life insurance, short- and long-term disability Voluntary life insurance  Please visit https://www.cabriniteachingfellows.com/ for more information.   

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