Missionary Guide

The Missionary Guide role is a two year commitment to being an outdoor guide for Creatio. It includes technical training to become exceptional professional outdoor guides along with spiritual formation to encourage missionary zeal for the evangelization of the world.

  • Full-time position
  • Fundraise your entire salary
  • Unusual schedule with lots of travel- not a typical 9-5!
  • Physically, spiritually, and mentally demanding

Missionary Guide Pillars 

01 – Transcendence

All that is true, good and beautiful have their source in Christ and lead us to Him. Creatio missionaries are particularly sensitive to the presence of truth, beauty and goodness in themselves, in others, and in the physical world. Their hearts and minds are continuously drawn up towards God.
02 – Transformation
Creatio missionaries possess a strong desire to become different beings–to mortify their old selves and rearise as new men and women in Christ. They maintain a readiness to decrease so that “He may grow in them,” and are active participants in the ongoing reconciliation of their own relationships with God; with themselves; with others; and with creation.
03 – Communion
Creatio missionaries know that their lives are meant for communion, that it is through “mutual service and dialogue with his brethren, [that] man develops his potential” (CCC #1879). Missionary guides possess the humility to serve others with kindness and generosity.
04 – Mission
Creatio missionaries have an insatiable desire to share in the Catholic Church’s mission to help people find and fulfill their God-given identity. Missionary guides artfully lead others to disconnect from distraction; awaken their senses; and perceive truth, beauty and goodness in themselves, in others, and in the physical world.








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