Operations Coordinator

The Center Coordinator of Operations is the local administrator at our Classical hybrid center near Atlanta in Roswell, GA. The Center Coordinator of Operations, CCO, oversees the day-to-day operations, facility, and book/supply needs of the local center, as well as manages the local major fundraising event.

Regina Caeli Academy (www.rcahybrid.org), is a classical homeschool academy in the Catholic tradition. RCA is a national organization that offers instruction in a formal Socratic classroom setting on Mondays and Thursdays. The positions are hourly, and complimentary childcare/nursery is provided. Please see our Vacation and Holy Days here. No additional vacation days are given (accommodations made for sick days as needed).

We will teach you everything you need to know. On the job training is provided for the current academic year. Applicants must be able to sign an Oath of Fidelity to the Catholic Church and have a deep love for the Catholic faith. The ideal applicant will have strong communication skills, good organization, timeliness, a traditional view of the student/teacher relationship, and must be living the Catholic faith day-to-day, including having received all the sacraments appropriate to his or her state in life.

All staff complete a background check and RCA Safe Child training prior to teaching at Regina Caeli Academy.

To be considered, one must also be able to attend training in Dallas, TX around July 15-20, 2024, to prepare for the 2024-25 academic year and attend local training for 3 days in August. It is preferred that local administrators also teach 2-3 classes at the local center. This position is a part-time, hourly position, requiring work hours about 8:00 am-3:30pm on Mondays/Thursdays at the local center (free childcare provided for children 2 and under).

Work from home 12pm-4pm Tuesday/Wednesday (Friday only as needed). Work schedule is compatible for parents caring for children.

Daily Operations

Open or close facility
Collect all attendance and enter into Jupiter Grades by 9:30am
Oversee cleaning and use of facility
Contact landlord in matters pertaining to facility use or misuse
Contact corporate office when new supplies are needed
Communicate ongoing changes regarding operations: uniforms, booklists, etc
Conduct all drills (fire, severe weather, lockdown, etc.)
Committee Management

Prepare beginning-of-the-year committee sign up sheet for orientation
Schedule all committee meetings at the beginning of the year
Attend all committee meetings
Center Records

Maintain files, including:

Family contact information

Student Schedules

Tutor Schedules

Master Classroom Schedule

Create a Center Binder (for chores and dismissal)
Maintain Center hard files (family files, drill reports)
Maintain all files according to RCA norms as outlined in the Beta Drive file
Student and Faculty Schedules

Based on the Master Classroom schedule, update and maintain all student and faculty schedules
Center Special Events

Organize and manage parent volunteers for each event committee
Purchase all needed supplies for events
Oversee events and maintain consistency with RCA policies.
Admissions and Family Interviews

Administer assessment tests

Ensure all assessment fees are paid

Assist with set up tours and events, as needed

Book Distribution

Distribute books to tutors
Oversee collection of tutor books at the end of the center year
Collect and re-distribute books when teaching responsibilities are changed
Store and inventory any books that are not used during the year
Center Calendar

Maintain the Center calendar
Add all drills to the administrative calendar
Manage Center Petty Cash Account

Collect monies for your Center
Account for all monies and send information to the corporate office
Deposit money into the Center account
Main Center Fundraiser

Serve as committee chair for the Center main fundraiser
Oversee ticket sales, auction, raffle, and corporate sponsorship with help of committee
Staff Training

Assist with supplies and setup during staff training
Print and organize documents for staff training
End-of-Year Oversight

Oversee used book and uniform sale
Oversee end-of-year cleaning/work day
Activities Outside of RCA

Assist with planning family picnic
Purchase any items needed for event activities
Coordinator Training

Join in on all applicable conference calls
Attend summer coordinator training and mid-year training weekend






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