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Full Job Description for Position Title: Assistant Director

Reports to: The position will report to the Front Royal Pregnancy Center Executive Director.  For an initial training period, this position will report to the previous Assistant Director as training manager, gradually taking on responsibilities and authority.

Job Classification: Full Time, Salaried

Organization: Front Royal Pregnancy Center (FRPC) – (

Position Availability: To be filled as soon as the right candidate applies.

Summary:  As the Assistant Director of the Front Royal Pregnancy Center (FRPC) you will coordinate with Executive Director to implement all administrative and mission-related strategies within the FRPC Board of Directors and NIFLA recommendations.

The Assistant Director will coordinate with the Executive Director to address goals set forth by the FRPC Board of Directors, assisting the Executive Director in the preparation of reports for the Board detailing all Center activities and their effectiveness in achieving those goals.

The Assistant Director will collaborate with all staff to evaluate and implement continuous improvement initiatives and pursue outreach goals, participating in various outreach activities with an emphasis on personal contact with donors and mission-related partners.

The Assistant Director will coordinate with Executive Director to administer everyday functions of the Center and to define/implement administrative policy.  While coordinating all of the center’s activities, this role will assist the Executive Director in addressing all needs, to-dos and coordinating resources, helping to ensure that nothing is missed.

The Assistant Director will supervise the team of FRPC staff including the Client Services Assistant, Donor Relations Assistant and Community Engagement Assistant.  The Executive Director and Assistant Director together form the team ultimately responsible for the success of client services, donor relations and community engagement.  It is the role of the Assistant Director to monitor the team members in these departments, to coordinate the implementation of all new initiatives, to find resources for the team as needed, to update the Executive Director on the above activities and to help each team member thrive.

The Assistant Director will assume responsibility for the operation of the Center if the Executive Director is unavailable, syncing up with the Executive Director on a daily basis or in the event of a prolonged period of unavailability, working directly under the board until the Executive Director is available.

On a daily basis, this role will coordinate team meetings, external events, team involvement, new projects, and assigning tasks to staff and volunteers to facilitate the success of each team member, each larger staff, volunteer and supporter team and make the thriving of the FRPC mission possible.

Duties & Responsibilities (includes but not limited to):

  • Work with Executive Director to implement goals defined by FRPC Board.
  • Delegate whatever tasks are necessary to ensure the success of the FRPC mission.
  • Supervise FRPC staff, daily assigning FRPC projects according to bandwidth and capabilities of each staff member, acquiring whatever they need for success in their roles.
  • Provide regular availability for questions, conflict resolution, or client-need coverage.
  • Create and maintain reports for the Executive Director and the FRPC Board, reflecting achievements in each department of the FRPC.
  • Daily coordinate meetings, interviews, tours, events and other calendar items for Executive Director and team as a whole.
  • Coordinate all required changes to multiple policy books, working with the Executive Director.
  • Monitor team adherence to FRPC policy and share reminders with all team members as needed.
  • Manage admin details such as PTO records, timesheet reviews, tax prep, and account access
  • Coordinate all applications for new volunteers and new staff, handling all logistics.
  • Coordinate all staff and volunteer team schedules.
  • Work with FRPC clients by fielding phone calls and incoming requests, by peer-counseling meetings with clients one on one and by helping connect clients to resources, all after training from the Executive Director.
  • Connect with supporting organizations to ask for support of our mission and offer our services, by outreach, hosting tours, and speaking at churches, schools or businesses.
  • Cultivate relationships with current donors and prospective donors, sharing our mission’s needs.
  • Oversee the annual Walk for Life event team’s progress in planning our largest event of the year.
  • Monitor FRPC marketing by helping create marketing plan and approving content made by staff.
  • Participate in Christian prayer with coworkers and/or local Christian churches.

Qualifications and Characteristics:

  • Strong interest in the mission of the FRPC, a crisis pregnancy medical clinic.
  • Adherence to the ethical standards, statement of faith and policy of the FRPC.
  • Compassion for FRPC clients facing crises, financial difficulties, or other challenges.
  • Ability to handle donor and client information according to confidentiality policies.
  • Detail-oriented, recording, sharing and following through on details thoroughly and accurately.
  • Ability to lead a large team well, in collaboration with the Executive Director.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Aptitude for learning database software programs such as contact management systems, WordPress and QuickBooks.
  • Interest in increasing FRPC outreach and engagement to facilitate the support of the FRPC mission.
  • Willingness to speak in front of a crowd of school children or church participants.
  • Ability to handle last-minute tasks.
  • Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree required.
  • Minimum of three (3) years of professional experience required, preferably in a field including client care, team supervision or admin/office experience.
  • Experience supervising a team preferred.
  • Must have one’s own means of transportation to the office, on errands and to churches/schools.

Benefits: Paid time off (PTO), accrued over the course of the calendar year, and paid organization-designated holidays.

The Front Royal Pregnancy Center does not currently offer a health care plan or 401K plan.

All compensation may be subject to deductions for taxes and other withholdings as required by law or organization policies.  This job description does not constitute an employment agreement and is subject to change.

Expectations, Work Conditions and Physical Demands: This position is expected to work in the FRPC office, in Front Royal, VA. Teleworking may be available on occasion, if approved for the specific day requested.

Full-time employees of FRPC work M-F each week.  This position will need to be periodically available to work on weekends or evenings, for client, donor, church, school or volunteer events, though this will be planned in advance.

This position will alternate between face-time with clients, staff, volunteers, churches, schools, supporters, and volunteers and more focused computer work.  The successful candidate will frequently participate in phone calls, office meetings, and errands.  Some lifting of material donations will be requested but can be handled by another staff member if needed.

To Apply: To apply for this position, candidates should e-mail a cover letter and current resume to Kathy Clowes (Executive Director) at and Jessica Shanahan (Assistant Director) at

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