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I’m Jason Evert, and with my wife, Crystalina, I started Chastity Project to help teens and young adults discover why chastity makes you free to love. To date, we have reached more than two million people on six continents!

Why are we doing this? Because our culture is broken. All around us, teens and young adults are starving for real love but gorging themselves on the counterfeit: lust. Society promises them that they’ll find fulfillment in pleasure divorced from sacrifice, but God’s plan for human love is the only thing that truly satisfies.

Even if we’ve made mistakes in the past, our hearts still desire a love that is pure. Why? Because purity alone makes intimacy possible. Our hearts are made for love, and our minds are made for the truth . . . and chastity offers us both. We are made for authentic love – love that involves a total, lifelong giving of self. It’s this kind of love alone that satisfies the depths of the human heart!

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