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Cornerstone Recruiting wants to ensure your business performs at the highest level. Having the right people in the right roles is vital to making this a reality! Cornerstone’s strategy is to find high value talent by recruiting the individual’s character and passions, rather than just their experience and qualifications. Offering a valuable asset for those key roles.

Specializing in non-profit development/fundraising, recruiting, customer service, administrative staff, social service jobs, school educators/faculty and entry level jobs. Cornerstone’s network is your network!

Our Vision: Dedicated to making the right connection, at the right time, for the right purpose!

Our Pillars: Seek to create intentional relationships, maintain business partnerships, and stay focused on service to your need!

Our Promise: We promise to offer a call or visit 30,60,90 days after the hire to ensure the highest level of satisfaction with your new employee.

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