Iron Gate Technology, Inc.

We provide outsourced IT services to privately held businesses and non-profits



Our clients typically partner with us in one of two ways: 1. We supplement/augment their existing in-house IT team/person 2. We provide 100% outsourced Managed IT support services Roles that we fill: • Help Desk Support & Help Desk Analyst • IT Project Manager • Hardware Technician • Network Engineer & Network Administrator • Business Analyst • Systems Engineering Manager • IT Director, CIO/CTO, or Vice President Some common concerns that we hear from prospective clients: • I feel that our current team may lack the experience to support/secure us properly • Finding/Hiring/Training additional QUALITY IT resources can be difficult, risky, and costly • I am concerned with our current IT risk exposure • We have skill gaps within our current team • The cost of maintaining our internal IT is high • Managing internal IT resources is challenging • IT issues are not being resolved in a timely fashion (often time reducing operating efficiencies and causing ill will amongst employees) • We would be severely impacted if our in-house IT resources suddenly disappeared • We would be severely impacted if a key IT player is on vacation/unavailable and we have an IT-related situation • I am not confident that we are meeting our IT security/compliance requirements • What if we have a security event and my team doesn’t know what to do? • What if a lack of technology affects our competitive edge? • What if our in-house IT resource(s) turn on us and hold us captive if their demands (i.e., salary increase, company equity, etc.) are not met? • We have no documentation/usernames/passwords for our current IT resources or environment • I have no way of knowing if we are spending money on IT resources responsibly and wisely • I do not believe that our business objectives are not aligned with our current IT vendor • I believe that we have outgrown our current IT support solution Some high-level items that we bring to the table include: • Locally owned, operated, and staffed • A team of highly responsive, passionate, kind, empathetic, problem-solving, critical thinking, respectful, seasoned IT professionals with excellent communication skills. • Provide a high-touch / white-glove client experience • Local, senior-level IGT engineers live answer support calls. Their goal is First Call Resolution. • A solid value proposition (compared to hiring a full-time, internal IT Team or outsourcing to an individual or smaller group). • Become integral to our client’s business teams, functions, and processes. • Our clients are our business, and they are all critically important to us • Provide a comprehensive level of IT experience • We take a Proactive approach to IT support • Leverage a robust set of IT tools (typically unavailable, too complex, and cost-prohibitive to smaller organizations) • Provide the ability to instantly scale up IT support resources as needed • Reduce IT risk & overall IT costs • Allow our clients to reduce IT-related operating expenses • Predictable IT budgeting • Provide the bandwidth and security of an IT team • Offer strong security/cyber security knowledge & experience • Offer a solid understanding of today’s Cloud services options • Significantly increase the depth and breadth of their IT capabilities & resources. • Microsoft 365 / Azure / AWS partner • Manage and handle larger-scale IT projects • Bring together and manage all aspects of IT • Work with hardware & software vendor resources as required Other components of our services: • Assist with hardware procurement (i.e., servers, firewalls, switches, wireless access points, UPS devices, PCs/laptops, etc.) • Assist with software procurement (i.e., M365, Adobe suite, etc.) • Provide & validate application patching/maintenance (ensure that it is being completed perfectly) • Implement/manage/monitor Backup / Archival / Disaster Recovery Solution(s) • Provide & manage hosted VoIP telephony solution if required • Provide Security Awareness Training • Provide Enterprise level password management via LastPass In a landscape dominated by metrics and KPIs, we stand firm in our belief that what truly matters is our impact on our clients' success and providing them with an extraordinary service experience. By prioritizing outcomes over metrics, our clients value us as more than just a vendor or service provider; we are a trusted partner, easy to do business with, and an integral part of their day-to-day business operations and success. This approach has contributed to our longevity in the industry and reinforced our reputation as a trusted IT services partner.

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