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PIME Missionaries are Catholic priests and brothers who commit themselves to lifelong missionary service, especially to non-Christians. PIME stands for the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions in Latin. PIME, founded in Italy in 1850, is an International Society of Apostolic Life with about 400 members in 19 countries. PIME's priority is the proclamation of the Gospel. The United States Area of PIME focuses its efforts by being at the service of the Church both locally and globally. It strives to raise mission awareness, foster vocations and provide financial assistance to PIME’s missions and missionaries in developing countries through two main areas: Mission Development Projects (MDP) provide poor Catholic communities with support for infrastructure and development programs in education, medical needs, social development, pastoral necessities, and emergencies/disaster relief. Sponsorships At A Distance (SAAD) provides donors with the opportunity to support a child, youth, disabled person/child, or seminarian in the missions.

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