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Sól Recruiting, Coaching, and Consulting matches Catholics, other Christians, and conservatives to the businesses and organizations where eternal principles are mission critical, and a priority for the work culture. Our mission is to help you find, grow, and keep great people. We believe that if we are not growing then we are not happy--that we must grow for life. St. John Henry Newman said, "To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often . . . growth is the only evidence of life." Even great people need help to flourish in both their business roles and as individuals, so we consider it a necessary part of the recruitment process to partner with your business by providing a year of coaching with your new employees. The first few months of a placement are the most crucial in terms of successfully settling into a new career or workplace. As such, we provide transition planning and intentionally-focused coaching for the first 90 days for every new employee. Coaching continues for the remainder of the first year, and is tailored to the needs of the employee both professionally and personally. Our offerings include Ideal Team Player coaching, assistance with growing the habits of service, and coaching on mastering the art of working to live. Sól wants to help you grow those who grow your organization–to partner with you in order to help your new hires succeed. Sól (pronounced sool) means salt in Polish. It is the root of Jeremie’s last name–Solak–which translates “from the salt.” Part of Jeremie’s family comes from Bochnia, Poland–30 miles east of Cracow–the home of one of Europe’s oldest salt mines. Salt preserves–and we want Sól to preserve eternal principles in both work and life. Salt also adds flavor–we want Sól to be a catalyst for a work culture that people can relish, and that integrates the eternal–all that is from God. Working with great people–the salt of the earth–makes everything better. Not to mix metaphors, but the seeds you plant are the seeds that grow. Sól wants to help business owners, leaders, and HR departments help their organizations to grow by helping them find and grow great people.
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