St. Austin Catholic School


St. Austin Catholic School
Austin, Texas
August 11, 2023


At St. Austin Catholic School, we believe a student learns best in a Catholic environment, one that enhances spiritual growth and development. We seek to give each student instruction in the Catholic faith and provide all students the opportunity to practice this faith in an atmosphere rooted in Catholic values. Together with the Paulist Fathers, we develop “Spirit-Filled” students with a faith that is lived in our Catholic traditions, in prayer and worship, and in service to others.

We believe that St. Austin Catholic School is an extension of the home and shares with the parents the responsibility to prepare students to grow as individuals – academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We believe every individual has an inherent dignity and worth. We believe we are accountable for developing a citizen who has a dedication to God and country, loyalty to the community, and respect for self and others.

We promote this philosophy through the following objectives:

  • To teach religion as a way of life and necessary link in combining all avenues of knowledge;

  • To provide a curriculum that challenges students to develop their intellectual powers;

  • To develop school spirit, civic pride, good sportsmanship and leadership qualities through co-curricular programs;

  • To develop life-long care for our physical bodies through physical education and health programs;

  • To establish a strong connection between home and school through frequent parent-teacher communications, Parents’ Club activities, and parish/school activities; and

  • To cultivate a spirit of consideration, courtesy and refinement to prepare students to assume their place in society.

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