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Our Mission The mission of St. Catherine of Siena School is to provide a community of faith that fosters academic excellence and a foundation for a Christ-centered life. Our School Beliefs Student learning is the chief priority of the school. A moral, ethical, and spiritual foundation serve as a basis for character building. A strong foundation of fundamental skills facilitates good problem solving, formulating ideas, and self-expression. A variety of learning activities and assessment techniques helps accommodate differences in learning styles. Competent and responsible use of modern technology is important for the future. The teaching staff should be caring, sensitive, and willing to learn new methods in order to teach the whole child: spiritually, cognitively, emotionally, and physically. A safe and comfortable environment promotes academic excellence and fosters a positive self-image. Strong communication skills are required to resolve personal conflicts peacefully. The school should encourage and provide opportunities for students to become involved in community programs and activities Our Philosophy St. Catherine of Siena School forms youth capable of assuming their responsibilities in society while facilitating a multi-faceted approach to excellence in education that recognizes individual student needs in a disciplined yet loving environment. In attaining the skills necessary to assume these responsibilities, it is essential that students develop a positive self-image and find happiness and success in a nurturing educational environment. As students are involved with interesting materials, challenging questions, and meaningful experiences, they become independent thinkers increasingly accountable for their own learning. In this atmosphere, students develop a love for learning that will continue into their adult lives enabling them to grow into responsible, productive Christian citizens, thereby realizing their full potential.

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