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ST. MARK Catholic School is committed to excellence in education in a Christ-centered environment, and was recently named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence for our consistently high test scores. Our challenging curriculum employs critical thinking and exceeds local, state, and national standards. We strive to meet each child’s individual needs through differentiation, advanced academics, and resource support. Students participate in cross-curricular projects at each grade level. Our graduates are well-prepared for our area’s most challenging high schools as well as prestigious colleges.

Our students receive a strong foundation in faith and develop a commitment to serving others. Classes begin with prayer and Catholic Social Teaching is infused throughout the curriculum. Care for others is consistently taught, modeled, and lived. We teach the whole child, morally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Children leave ST. MARK secure in their knowledge that they are beloved children of God.

ST. MARK offers a strong, close-knit community where children are able to develop life-long friendships. When we ask our outgoing graduates to reflect on their favorite things about ST. MARK, they consistently name our outstanding teachers and the deep friendships they have developed. Our families are dedicated and involved, our faculty is inspirational and devoted to our mission, and the accomplishments of our students are too numerous to mention.

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