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In 1972, the only Catholic high school in Austin closed. Ten years later, Austin was the only major US city without a Catholic high school. A small group of parents and Catholic lay leaders headed by Dr. Leonard Dolce commissioned a study that revealed the Austin community would enthusiastically support such a school. In 1984, St. Michael’s Catholic Academy opened its doors. It was one of the first Catholic schools in the nation established entirely by laypeople. The land and the school are not owned by the diocese – a striking departure from typical Catholic schools. Although the Diocese of Austin has been extremely supportive, laypeople have assumed full responsibility for the school. Since the school’s beginning, trustees, parents, faculty, and staff have labored to realize its founding vision: to be a first-class Catholic secondary school that nourishes the minds, bodies, and spirits of its students, preparing them for a challenging college education and a Christian adult life. St. Michael’s Catholic Academy is a college-preparatory school serving a diverse student body. Combining academic excellence with faith formation and co-curricular learning opportunities, St. Michael’s prepares the whole student for leadership, service, and decision-making consistent with Catholic values.

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